Escape the lie.
Discover your gifts.
Become the hero.

What is Mosaic?

Of all the messages women embrace about ourselves, the one that most often rings true for us is the firm belief that we are failing. Regardless of our age, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by all the voices telling us how we should look, what we should weigh, what we should accomplish, and most of all what we should do with our sexuality, so we struggle against the measuring stick of ideal womanhood and always manage to come up short. 

But what if all we have believed is a lie?

Mosaic Retreats help each woman—regardless of age—recognize the voices that have influenced and shaped her self-image, her dreams, and her choices. Mosaic unburdens women from the weight of unattainable perfection and redirects their hearts toward the truth of who they are in the sight of God, helping each woman discover and live in the powerful gifts that are uniquely hers, rather than in seeing herself through the lens of not enough. 



Mosaic Presentations

With the exception of Mosaic Champion, all Mosaic presentations can be done as a one-hour talk or as an in-depth retreat, including three one-hour talks and time for journaling, rosary, confession, spiritual direction, and Mass when available.



High School

Customized specifically to meet the needs of high school girls in a culture of hypersexuality and confusion, Mosaic Genius uncovers the hidden forces—both internal and external—that drive young women to objectify themselves in ways they never realize. We examine various media, including widely-circulated advertising and music and teach young women how to analyze the messages that are stealing from them a healthy self-image. Additionally, we talk about the emotional, social, physical, and fiscal ramifications of self-objectification and complete the talks with a call to true holiness that centers around a young woman’s entire being, rather than on her sexuality, her appearance, or her accomplishments. Focusing on what it really means to be powerful, attendees receive the tools they need to identify their gifts and—for many of them—to be freed from shame and find healing. Participants are taught to identify thoughts and habits that rob them of their self-worth—and ultimately their destiny—and how to build, instead, an unshakable confidence founded on God’s love for them. 

AUDIENCE: GIRLS CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN HIGH SCHOOL OR RISING FRESHMEN. Sorry, no guys or parents. (Don’t worry, you’re invited to Mosaic retreats designed just for you!)


College and Career

Mosaic College and Career Retreats include all of the high school retreat elements, but with an emphasis on surviving the hookup culture. Here, we take a closer look at what it means to be a single Catholic woman in today’s world, and we look at strategies for building meaningful lives. Whether aiming to cultivate stronger friendships, to discover what to look for in establishing healthy and godly dating relationships, or to find a satisfying peace in being single, attendees leave this retreat with the information and inspiration they need to engage their future with hope and confidence in the midst of a changing culture.




One of the greatest hindrances to our success as women is the insecurity and doubt we have harbored since we were young. Some lies we have lived with for so long, we aren’t even aware of them. Pair that doubt with the growing expectation of perfection in our marriages, in our families, in our careers, in our homes, and in our appearance, and we can find ourselves living a double life—the one everyone sees, and the very different narrative of what we really believe about ourselves. By tracing the sources from which so many women have gained their self-worth, Mosaic Genius for Women exposes these lies and provides women with both spiritual and practical strategies for living in the truth. Through this retreat, women find the courage to lay aside their fears and embrace the beauty of holiness and the acceptance of God’s unfailing love.





Speaking directly to a man’s desire to protect and to support the women in his life, this one-hour talk provides keen insight on the struggles most women face—struggles they keep hidden in their hearts—and the encouragement they need to overcome them. Mosaic Champion gives men a simple, real-life approach to understanding the women in their lives and to being their strongest advocates as these women become the champions God created them to be. For every man seeking to marry a woman or raise a daughter who is strong and grounded in holiness, you don’t want to miss this!

AUDIENCE: OPEN TO MEN ONLY. Due to the inclusion of audiovisual material that can be unsettling to a younger audience, it is highly recommended that no one under the age of sixteen attend.