LISA COOPER is a speaker and writer whose relentless quest for answers in a world of relativism led her home to the Catholic Church. A convert from the Prosperity Gospel movement, Lisa imparts a passion for the Catholic faith and love of the truth that resonates with audiences of all ages. She inspires listeners to discover their strength and uniqueness in Christ and equips them to live the faith practically and authentically. With a beauty-for-ashes story of her own, Lisa has drawn from her experiences to become a compassionate and humorous teacher, leading others toward the unyielding pursuit of holiness and of living in God’s purpose for them. In addition to speaking on the deception and theological errors of the Prosperity Gospel Movement, she is the founder of Mosaic Retreats, a lay apologist, and a guest on local and national talk radio and podcasts, including Catholic Answers Live and Catholic Answers Focus. A mom of four, Lisa holds a BA in English, makes unforgettable chocolate chip cookies, and, in her spare time, operates a marketing consulting company.

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