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Hi! I'm Lisa.

I lived most of my adult life in the dark, and when the light came on, it was beautiful and painful. I grew up in a faith that teaches a sort of fake-it-til-you-make-it gospel, so I spent many years being a prop and wondering why it wasn't working for me. But I am not faking it anymore.

I am Catholic. A Southerner and a high-functioning introvert - God have mercy on you if you're ever stuck in line at the grocery store with me. I'm a passionate defender of the truth. A desperate learner. An enheartening mom. An explorer of people's beautiful complexities. A collector of powerful words. An open heart.


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In addition to speaking on the deception and theological errors of the Prosperity Gospel Movement, Lisa is the founder of Mosaic Retreats, a lay apologist, and a guest on local and national talk radio and podcasts, including Catholic Answers Live and Catholic Answers Focus. She speaks to and inspires groups both large and small. Click below for more information.


What people are saying...


"In the struggle to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and to free people from the so-called 'Prosperity Gospel,' Lisa Cooper’s is a welcome voice. Lisa has lived within the Word of Faith movement and understands its seductions. She also knows the joy of conversion to the very Christ who frees people from superstition and futility. Her story will inspire you and inoculate you against those who clothe themselves in light while preaching a despairing gospel of this world."

CY KELLET, Host of Catholic Answers Live


"As a Catholic Youth Director, I met with Lisa to bring the Mosaic Retreat to the girls in our community. What was utterly amazing to me was not only Lisa's ability to connect with these young ladies, but also the desire these girls had to learn more about the truth and about what true love looks like. What this retreat does is bring to light some hard truths about how society and the world we live in try to define what women are--essentially stripping us of the beauty God created us for. I was 27 when I took part in hosting one of these retreats, and even as an adult, I left every session thinking about how much it affected me and how I wish I had such amazing formation when I was in high school. This retreat changes young women. Whether they are 17 or 27, they are invigorated with self-worth and the truth of God's love."



"Mosaic comes at the most impressionable time in our young girls’ lives, where social media, movies, 'role models' and the like threaten to unravel the very core of their moral makeup. The moral compass that guides them is too easily attacked by the negative in the world around them. Why not introduce an influence that is truly positive? Lisa Cooper is amazing at directing and/or redirecting their compasses to what God intended for his daughters. I’ve had the privilege of hosting Mosaic and observing Lisa’s material and delivery. She is the perfect vessel to share this message to our girls. Lisa is strong, smart, beautiful, and real. She in no way uses scare tactics or shock factor, but she doesn’t sugar coat the topics either. She shares God’s plan through experience, hope, love, and faith, and I’ve seen first hand how the girls respond to her, feel comfortable with her, and listen intently to her. They hold on to her message like a lifeline; they leave empowered and courageous."